About Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik, the centre of the southernmost region of Dalmatia and its most famous representative, is also the star on the front pages of many prestigious world magazines, as well as being at the very top of the scale of the most beautiful cities of the world. Year on year it is proving itself as a source of inspiration for artists, a venue favoured by members of royal families and the jet setters of the world. It belongs to them, but no more than it belongs to all those who came but once. It is quite simple really, one encounter is enough for those fine threads between you and this glorious city to be spun to last… 

"Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik”, Sowrote George Bernard Shaw, smitten by the beauty of the city whose untouched,1940 m long defensive walls - today under the protection of UNESCO - girdle in a city which carries the appellation ofthe Pearl of the Adriatic. Sitting at the southernmost part of Croatia, harbouring centuries of heritage created by thenoble skills of the finest builders and artists,Dubrovnik basks in a warm Mediterranean climate with groves of lemon,orange and tangerine trees, sumptuous palms and agaves, adorned by Renaissance  parks and the flowering gardens of medieval stone palaces and unobtrusive monasteries. 

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